Extreme 366 – Week 33

Here we are, Week 33 of the year. I realized when I counted out the weeks that because I post these pictures on Wednesday’s I’ll wind up with an extra week… so that last week will just be a few days late and a few pictures extra. Then we’ll have 52 weeks . It’s the Type A side of me or the OCD side of me or something, I’m not really sure. I like symmetrical things anyway! This morning when I was getting up and getting ready, I happened to be watching GMA (Good Morning America) and they were doing the local weather. Prepare for a cool down! Wow, typing that gives me chills. Don’t worry, I don’t want those geese speeding off! (goose bumps… geese speeding… please tell me you got there! *crickets*) Today is supposed to be the warmest day of the week topping out at 88˚F but they said that the humidity won’t be quite as bad so it’ll feel cooler. Chances of rain on Friday and Saturday bring in cooler weather and Sunday is supposed to be a high of 78˚F. Holy Cow, break out those parkas! We’re going to need them come Sunday. Yes, I’m joking. But it has been a warmer summer so that cooler weather will be a relief. The stuff going around Facebook says that this is supposed to be a bad winter based off the Farmer’s Almanac, but… Summer was supposed to be horrible too based off of that so take that with a grain of salt and just go on with life because that’s the best we can do! Take it when it comes. Oh and don’t do what Mark and I did a few years ago… Remember that year that we got 18″ of snow? We traded his big truck off for a crossover (you know mini SUV/Large Car) a week before that 18″ of snow. Neither of our vehicles would leave the driveway so we had to drive my dad’s old farm truck that gets 5 miles per gallon. Good times, good times! And what does any of this have to do with SCUBA diving? Well, nothing, so I guess we’ll get on to the post pictures. Happy Wednesday!

223 – 8.10.2016 – Our little model here is demonstrating what not to do in fins. If you need help, you don’t walk in fins!!

224 – 8.11.2016 – I believe this shirt says it all. I also got accused of taking a picture of someone’s chest to get this picture, but I thought the quote was fitting for all of us here at Extreme Sports so I had to. I just had to .

225 – 8.12.2016 – Doug and Rachele Lord are off on Worldly adventures. I got blamed for them taking pictures of their food. But I’ll have you know… Paul Child took pictures of Julia Child’s food long before food selfies were a thing. So welcome to the cool kids club! By the way, they’re in the Maldives SCUBA diving! How cool would that be? Can’t wait to see pictures from the Indian Ocean! Btw, you’re looking at a BBQ Chicken, Indian Style BBQ and Grilled Chicken Breast Burger with Pineapple at The Catch 78 Restaurant.

226 – 8.13.2016 – It’s a Home Pre-Season Chiefs Game. Sadly we lost to Seattle Seahawks 17 to 16. But It’s all about those Chiefs!

227 – 8.14.2016 – Location of one of their dive sites in Eydhafushi, Kaafu, Madlives

228 – 8.15.2016 – Testing, testing, this is an emergency test of the Extreme Sports SCUBA Blog site, Attention Megan Shafer, do you read this Scuba blog? If so, then you know this is yours. If not, then you’ll find out later this week. Testing, testing.

229 – 8.16.2016 – 6am Morning Dive Briefing… The question is, do you feel sorry for Doug and Rachele having to be up at 6am for a dive briefing?

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