Cozumel – February 2016 – Winter Getaway

February, wait Nicole, this is August. Yes, I know it’s August but I realized that we never blogged about the 2 Week Cozumel Trip in February. So it’s about time before we forget until the next February 2017 trip! Holy Cow. There aren’t many months left in the year.

So the weather before we arrived was horrible, but once we got there, it cleared up and was nice. For the most part we’ll let the pictures do the talking for us with a little explanation in between¬†.

This just so happened to be the dive trip some lady asked Grady why he was diving with a fire extinguisher.

So we almost had an accident with Someone (i.e. Grady) falling off the boat on to Jan. We lucked out though, it was all good.

One of our favorite dives this trip was Cedar Pass. We saw 5 Sharks and 6 Turtles.

Meet John Patrick’s new dive socks.

This is George, also known as Blueberry. When he turns his stuff to the green side he’s known as Guacamole. (His real name is Jorge but he goes by George).

This is Joe and Clamente.

For Valentine’s Dinner we went to Rolandi’s Pizza.

Mom and daughter. This is Jennifer Crosswhite’s mother Karen Royer. This was her first trip to Cozumel and she absolutely LOVED it.

Shirley and Joe found some interesting things on a dive. Anyone want to claim them?

Deb loves her selfies. This is George.

1st Week’s group.

Watching videos by Cezar.

We befriended these guys while on this trip and so they were on our boat the rest of the trip.

Very rarely do you find a Nurse Shark and a Moray Eel in the same hole.

2nd Week Pictures

Look what was at the end of the dive, a huge shark below.

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