Extreme 366 – Week 29

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that today is Wednesday… I’m not sure why… This week has seemed to fly by I guess. Earlier this week I was driving down the road (where else would I be driving you ask? I could be driving in a hayfield! I’ll be there later this week) and the gal on the radio started talking about Sharks. She made the comment that a few weeks ago was shark week but she needed to pass along these interesting tidbits, so now it’s my turn to pass them along too, especially since we’re involved in this wonderful world of SCUBA diving and we dive with the sharks.

  1. Did you know in the last 15 years more people have been killed by sand castles than sharks. 15 years ago puts us at 1991. I just wanted to prove I can still do Math. If you have no frame of reference, make sure you read the post on packing for a dive trip!!
  2. Studies have shown that if a shark is in a fierce attack, put on some AC/DC and it calms them down. So what, take an iPod with you when you’re diving and have AC/DC on call…. hehe.

How true those are, well I’m not sure but I just had to pass it along anyway! So you know we have a group that is in Cayman/Brac this week, right? Well, I have to say I “stole” some of the pictures from Shirley Mann. This is one of those instances where you do now and ask for forgiveness later. Hi, Shirley! Great pictures!! Keep posting them!! I appreciate the help!! So who is ready for them to come back from this trip and learn about it? I am! I’d sure like to see the hotel, food, diving conditions, etc. Hint hint! And now it is time for some weekly pictures. Oh, and for you guys on the trip this week, get your AC/DC ready just in case. haha!

195 – 7.13.2016 – Fin overboard, fin overboard! While we were getting set up for camp, one of the fins slipped off the side and down it went.

196 – 7.14.2016 – I can’t help but look at these aprons for the servicing of gear and think that they’d make a great bbq grilling apron.

197 – 7.15.2016 – Just a reminder! It’s because of great people like you that we have this status!

198 – 7.16.2016 – Just a little excited to land for this trip! Don’t those waters look AMAZING?

199 – 7.17.2016 – The pool at night. Gorgeous

200 – 7.18.2016 – The weather and the water is perfect.

201 – 7.19.2016 – Ocean life is exceptional. Be jealous. Be extremely jealous. (I can tell you I am!!)

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