Extreme 366 – Week 11.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Eve. Yup, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day so make sure that you wear green or else you’ll get pinched…. maybe. Take your chances but at least I warned you. I think sometimes it’s my duty to warn you or at least give you a heads up. Everyone needs a heads up every once in a while¬†. I’m not sure what other words of advice I have for you at this point. It’s Spring Break for me but I haven’t had the chance to enjoy my last Spring Break of this college career because next week I take comps again so I’ve been studying. I guess we’ll see what happens. So for now I’ll leave you with two pieces of advice…

  1. Check out these two blog posts if you haven’t already

2. It’s picture time!

69 – 3.9.2016 – Sitting at the airport ready to head to San Diego, CA, for the SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealership meeting.

70 – 3.10.2016 – Ready to start with our SCUBAPRO Platinum meeting.

71 – 3.11.2016 – More information at the SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealer conference from Julie

72 – 3.12.2016 – Chloe Lake washing dishes at the Pancake Feed for Newton County Rescue & Recovery fundraiser.

73 – 3.13.2016 – Steve and Priscilla Sweet enjoying the Sharks in the Shark tank at the Oklahoma Aquarium.

74 – 3.14.2016 – Pete is ready for his normalcy and ready to go back to work.

75 – 3.15.2016 – Thank you everyone from the Cozumel Group Trip for the wonderful new decor in the store. We love it!!!

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