Extreme 10 Reasons to Dive New Years Day

The high on January 1st in Garfield, Arkansas was 41˚F. Garfield is just about 5 miles down the road from where we dive at Indian Creek campsite, so why on earth would someone want to dive on New Years Day? Because you can! Because you want to start the New Year out right. Because you’re like Dan La Due and you dive once a month and have since you were certified in 2004. Because you were dared. Actually there are lots of reasons! But here are our top 10 reasons for 2016.

10 Reasons to Dive New Year’s Day

1. You get to make the maiden voyage of the Extreme Bus (aka the Chiefs Bus, more to come on that…). Pete wasn’t about to miss out on his opportunity to A) go to the lake and B) ride in the bus. There was no leaving him home.

2. How many times in your life once you become an adult do you get to have people help you get dressed? And on top of that, how many times do you get to get into someone else’s pants, I mean dry suit…

Jared Weston
Rachele Lord helping Mark Willoughby get dressed in a dry suit.

3. The naps. It’s all about the naps. Someone else is driving, the heater was working, the sun was shining in, so it was easy to sleep.

4. Haven’t we learned, it’s all about the food? This time it was Gumbo with shrimp from June (don’t worry, it was frozen until cooked this time around) and Taco Soup.

Recipe found here

5. The visibility… or lack thereof. In case you lived under a rock the day after Christmas, it rained A LOT!

6. Seriously, how many people can say they’ve dived New Years Day. I can’t…


Dan La Due

7. Pictures for Dive Training Magazine hopefully?




Mark Willoughby & Doug Lord

8. Pete was driving. That’s safe, right? Actually, breakfast. We stopped for Breakfast. Pete was just keeping the driver’s seat warm.

9. Dry Suit Certifications. Summer is way to hot to dive in a dry suit, right?

10. We’re a lot of fun. That’s all you need to know.

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