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Wow, we did it. We made it to 2019. How is a good question, but by George, we did it. For some, they thought 2018 would never come to an end and for others, they weren’t sure they wanted 2018 to end, but either way, here we are on the 6th day of January. It was fun watching the blog posts unfold. It was also funny that the 2016 Hydros Pro BC was the number 1 blog posts the entire year. Holy cow!

So let’s go through our quick recap of the top 5 blog posts in December. We’ve already covered the top 10 Blog Posts of 2018, so we’ll leave this at December’s blog posts.

Top 5 Blog Posts December 2018

  1. 2016 – SCUBAPRO Hydros BC Review – Nicole
  2. 2017 – Extreme Product Feature – Mantis M2 Personal Dive Computer – Nicole
  3. 2018 – SCUBAPRO Seawing Nova Fins Review – Deb
  4. 2017 – Aluminum vs Steel SCUBA tanks – Nicole
  5. 2017 – Extreme Product Feature – Seawing Nova Fin – Nicole

Honorable Mentions

December Blog Posts

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