We’re Like Family

the infamous scuba diving turkey
the infamous scuba diving turkey Nicole made while procrastinating a paper in grad school

Put on your seatbelt because we are quickly approaching the end of the year. For some, this time of year seems to fly by while for others it seems to drag on. Three months with 4 holidays and BAM, the cold of winter.

We’ve already passed one holiday, next up, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and to be thankful. Most people even tend to prefer Thanksgiving over Christmas. Why? Because the stress of buying presents for people is removed. It’s all about spending time with family and celebrating.

Family is an interesting thing. The dictionary definition states this:

  • A group of parents and children living together in one household
  • All the descendants of a common ancestor.

But we’ve all learned at one point or another that family isn’t always blood.

Sports Families

Many times, I’ve discussed with Dan the sport of SCUBA Diving. Like many of us who dive, we also have other interests and have been involved with other things. For me, that was showing horses. For Dan, that has been bowling and golf. Now those aren’t our only sports, but you get the picture.

With those sports, you spend time competing. Yes, you become friends, but you still compete. So, while you’re happy for the other person, you secretly hope they don’t do as well as you.

SCUBA diving tends to have a different vibe though. You are out there with your dive buddy. You rely on them just as they rely on you. The ultimate goal is you both come up from the dive feeling a little more refreshed and relaxed.

You are each other’s lifeline should something happen to your gear. We sit there and encourage each other to relax and enjoy the dive. But, if something arises, you know someone has your back.

scuba diving family

Extreme Sports Scuba Family

When most people walk through the doors, they say they felt immediately like family. But the question is, how does that happen?

Knowledge. The staff is knowledgeable. They know about the sport as well as the equipment they sell for the sport. They try out all the latest gadgets and have likes and dislikes. And the best part is, they aren’t afraid to tell you what they dislike about it, but if they know a workaround, they share that too. Better yet, if someone has a piece of gear you think you want, they’ll let you try it.

Experience. Whether you are brand new to the diving sport, or a seasoned pro, you are never talked down to. They want to share the love of a sport with you, me, and our neighbor twice removed. It doesn’t matter. We love the sport and we want you to love it just as much. Just like it is great to listen to the older generation, a long-time diver has a lot of tips and tricks up their sleeves. And you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Comradery. Friends? We’ll be friends with you. Want more friends? Come join in on a dive club or group trip or even fun times at the lake. You’ll walk away with more friends than you ever knew you wanted, but better yet, stories that should never be written down. Just watch out for the full moon or 3.

Our Family

We have fun and play but are serious too. We love the sport. Best yet, we love you too. Once you walk through that door, you are family. Through thick and thin, we’ll have your back.

And even with brothers and sisters, there’s a bit of competition. Don’t worry, if you want someone to fall, chances are, Deb or Nicole have already covered that for you.

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