Wrapper Style – Newton County Christmas for Kids

Today officially marks 1 week until Christmas. I have to admit that it makes me a little sad. In no time flat, our Christmas decorations will be put up for another year. And then we’re stuck with January. I may not be a fan of January.

It is definitely time to make sure you’ve crossed off your Christmas Bucket List. Make sure you get all those sweets baked. Remember, when January comes it is time to go on that horrible four-letter word… diet.

Let’s not focus on January though… Let’s move back a little and talk a little more about Newton County Christmas for Kids. A while back, as in earlier this fall, we discussed Newton County Christmas for Kids, around the time of the Chili Cookoff. (Just because it snowed, it is still considered fall until December 22, 2019, based off google and the internet.)

Newton County Christmas for Kids was founded 9 years ago to make a better Christmas for the kids of Newton County (Missouri). Last year alone the organization was able to help over 800 kids in the Newton County communities + 200 Head Start Kids.

So, here’s the process:

Step 1: Raise money and collect gifts for the children. Separate, sort, and get more gifts. Through our volunteers and donations, we are able to collect the gifts and do all this for those in need. We rely on the support of our community and a few local businesses and receive no funding from any local, state, or federal government agencies.

Step 2: We must secure a location to store toys. Not only do we need a place to store the toys, but we also a place for the volunteers to meet and to wrap presents as well.

Step 3: Next, we send applications to area agencies and area towns.

Step 4: Dates are announced, so those in need can pick up and fill out the applications. Applications are then reviewed, and cross-referenced, with other organizations.

Step 5: Wrapping Parties. Then the fun begins. The volunteers help fill applications, wrap presents, and assist in getting presents to the parents in time for Christmas.

Step 6: Finally, we notify the parents of when and where to pick up the gifts and our volunteers assist in getting presents to the parents in time for Christmas.

Step 7: Pack everything up, take the shelving down, put everything back in storage, and clean up our mess.

Step 8: Relax 2.5 seconds before we start thinking about next year.

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