Underwater Photography Class

If you missed the Underwater Photography Class presented by Brian Head on Saturday, you sure missed out on a great, informational class, however, I’ll do my best to do it justice right here.


The class started out in the morning at Extreme Sports Scuba for the classroom sessions where we received informational handouts as well as Brian going over the different types of cameras in general that are used for underwater photography.

We covered topics such as exposure, flash positioning, composition, editing software, and overall camera maintenance. After around 2 hours in the classroom, we broke for lunch, and then it was time to head to the pool.


We all met back up at 5 Mile Camp to try out what we learned in the classroom.

Now I know you might be thinking, what is there to take photos of in a swimming pool? Well, don’t you worry because that was totally covered. We had fish, flamingos, a hand of cards, a Smurf, aquarium greenery, a sharks tooth not to mention photos of other divers taking pictures.

As always it is extremely nice to be able to get out and into a swimming pool during the winter months, however, Saturday I would say that the highlight of the pool session would have been the nice, warm, hot tub.

Now don’t let that comment mislead you, we had a blast in the pool, but it was a bit cooler than normal, we were sitting around 78 degrees so by the time we were all finished taking photos, we were ready for a bit of a warm-up. Thank you, Brian Head for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the class.

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