Try it Tuesday – Sunday Edition – Church Youth

Sunday, April 6th we had a special edition of Try it Tuesday, the Sunday edition.

Back in March, there were plans made to have Christ’s Community United Methodist Church Sunday youth group out to 5 Mile Camp pool for a special edition of Try it Tuesday for the youth. Well, Mother Nature had other plans and we were snowed out.

Plans were finally rescheduled for the youth to come out on Sunday, April 6th so Extreme Sports Scuba and the Church youth group loaded up and headed out to 5 Mile Camp to try Scuba Diving in the indoor pool.

Extreme Sports Scuba arrived at 5 Mile before the youth group so it was time to set everything up so the youth didn’t have to wait for that to be done. Then it was time to hang out and chill until they arrived. The pool was a little cooler than it has been coming in at 81 degrees. Still, very nice, especially with Mother nature not sure what she wants to do with the weather outdoors.

Once the Youth Group showed up it was time to get into teaching gear. The youth were broken up into 3 groups so that everyone would have a chance to give Scuba diving a chance.

The first matter of business was getting everyone geared up with the proper equipment, a mask, a pair of fins, a BC with an air tank, and then helping the youth group get strapped into their BC.

Once everyone was geared up, it was time to give instructions. Chris Sloan, Doug Lord, Mark Willoughby, and Jason LaDue were in the pool at all times helping the youth with any questions that came up throughout this experience. They received a crash course on what the regulator is, then took a few test breaths off of the regulator above the surface.

Then it was time to put their heads underwater and take a few breaths. Next sit on the bottom of the pool and breath about 10 times and finally they were off.

Doug, Mark, and Jason spread themselves out underwater to help make sure there weren’t any problems once the kids were released, but again, the best thing about trying in this pool, if you get into a bind, it’s shallow enough just stand up. Chris stayed above the water but still in the pool, plus there were also certified scuba divers walking around the surface of the pool to help anyone who was above water having issues.

Once the first group of youth had finished trying out Scuba diving, we switched out equipment and went through the same procedure with the second set of students. Once they felt comfortable they were released to explore the pool. And of course, the same steps and procedures went for the third group of youth.

Finally, around 7 pm it was time for the youth to head back to the Church so we pulled all the equipment out of the pool, put the gear away, and the Extreme Sports Scuba team headed to Wendy’s for some Ice Cream (and dinner!). Ice Cream after diving in the pool is a must in our opinion!!

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