Tip Tuesday: The Air Dump

Do the air dump.

Imagine this… you’re diving along, could be the ocean, the lake, a pond maybe, or even the swimming pool… Those are probably your bodies of water, correct? I don’t see anyone diving in a puddle… maybe… I know some who would be willing to try!

Anyway, you’re diving along. You see something below you that is really cool and off you go… yet you are a new diver and you can’t seem to get down. Why?

Air Dump

A big mistake that new divers make is they have too much air in their BC which won’t allow them to go down. You’ll pull on one of the release valves to dump the air but it doesn’t all release. Then you are a sitting duck while all your other friends are going down to see what is below.

Tip time:

One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to tip your whole body up and use the release valve at the top of your BC, there are 2. Or nose down which tips your butt up in the air and you grab the lower release valve.

This allows you to release the extra air that is causing you to sit higher up than your friends. With the release of this “extra” air, you will be able to dive down to see what the cool exciting thing is that everyone is staring at.

That may or may not include Nicole peeing behind a reef. You just never know. (haha, this is a reference to a trip 4 years ago that I cannot live down yet… Oh well… We all need good stories!)

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