Storing Equipment

Storing Equipment. Wet suits hanging on a rack, mesh bag below holding all SCUBA diving Equipment.

Truthfully, this might have been a post we should have worked on last fall since some of you are ready to pull your equipment out and dive right now. In fact, some of you even went and enjoyed a nice cool dip in the lake on New Year’s Day. But none-the-less, it’s never too early or too late to make sure your gear is stored properly so that when you make that first dive, it’s there, ready for you, in tip-top condition!

What is the proper way to store your SCUBA Diving Equipment when not in use?

First and foremost, your equipment should be stored in a cool, dry, non-dusty area. When it comes to storing equipment, you have a couple options. The options most people use are either a gear bag (like for travel), a mesh bag, or a large plastic tub/crate. There was also the ultimate SCUBA equipment holder that went around Facebook a few years ago, but most people don’t have that luxury. So, we’ll stick to the previously mentioned options.

We’re going to lump the travel gear bag with the plastic tub/crate. For the most part, they are similar in storage options/limitations. Remember, that keyword there is similar.

Preparing for Storage:

Be sure that all of your gear is clean and dry. Rinse, clean, and dry your wetsuit, boots, mask, fins, regulator, and BC.

For the wetsuit, run through a cleaning routine. Once the wetsuit is completely dry, hang or roll to place in storage. Another thing to note is you need to keep all neoprene products away from mask and fins. Especially your mask if you have a clear skirt because the neoprene can discolor the mask skirt.

For the boots, run through your cleaning routine. Allow to thoroughly dry. Place in your storage option of choice.

For the mask, clean in clear water making sure to remove all sediments from the mask. If you have a neoprene mask strap, be sure to remove (or keep away) from mask skirt so you don’t discolor the mask skirt.

For your fins, run through clear water to make sure all debris has been removed. Make sure when you place your fins in the bag or container that you lay them flat.

For the regulator, a regulator should only be rinsed off under pressure. One option is to put it on a cylinder and rinse with a hose or place on a pony bottle and rinse in a bathtub. If you have questions, be sure to call us! But just remember, it must be rinsed off under pressure.

For the BC, make sure to rinse and drain your BC. Be sure no water is left inside the BC.

And lastly, the Cylinder, although not listed above… Your cylinder should also be kept in a cool, dry area. Always leave at least 500 psi in the tank when storing.

So, the take-home message:

All your gear should be rinsed, cleaned, and dry before you place it in the storage container of choice. Our choice is keeping in a mesh bag so that it can breathe but is still protected. Keep in a cool, clean, dry area. And if you have any questions at all, contact us. That’s what we are here for.

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