SCUBA Open Water Certification Q&A

What if I don’t like SCUBA Diving?

Let’s ask this, have you tried it?

How do I get started?

Come in and sign up for classes starting soon.

Do I need to purchase all of my equipment for classes?

No, only need to purchase boots and snorkel. The rest of the classes, we strongly urge you to try as many different combinations of gear as you can so that when you do decide to purchase your equipment, you choose the gear you feel most comfortable in.

Who can Try SCUBA?

Anyone over 10 years of age who has no health restrictions. If you are unsure, come talk to us. We are here to help.

How old do you have to be to certify?

Anyone over 10 years of age can certify. If you are a minor, you need parental consent to certify. If 10-12, must dive with a parent or instructor.

How old is too old?

If you are still healthy and fit, you can dive at any age.

How much does a Try It session cost?

Nothing but your time. We have Try It Sessions, come by to schedule one so we have gear for you. Plus, you’ll know when and where to show up.

Where do we go for our Try It Session?

We currently have two places.

  • In winter, we use 5 Mile Children’s Camp which is a heated indoor pool located behind Downstream Casino.
  • In the summer, we use the pool at our house.

Either place is in the controlled environment of a pool.

What if I am claustrophobic?

That is one of the questions asked sometimes. The best way to find out is to do a Try It Session. Sometimes you have to try it first and see if the mask/water makes you feel this way. We have very few people that have this problem once they see they can breathe underwater.

How many open water dives are required?

Two separate days in an open water environment such as the lake or the ocean.

How many pool sessions are required?

Typically, 2-3 pool sessions are required but should you need more, we can work with you. We want you to feel comfortable.

What if I need extra time?

We will do all the pool time needed to make sure you are comfortable with your skills before moving to open water for check-out dives.

What is this “test” I keep hearing about?

Homework that has to be completed in a written manner. So, don’t think of the homework as a scary thing either. We ask you to read the book and fill out the “homework,” but we go over the homework in class to make sure you fully understand what you read in the book. The real “test” is the check-out dives.

How long is my certification good for?

Once you are certified, you are certified for life. However, we urge you to do a refresher if you have not made a dive in over 2 years.

Why would I have to do a refresher?

To review your skills and make sure you are comfortable in the water.

I’m not a strong swimmer, does that matter?

You have to be able to swim to dive. Also, stay afloat for at least 10 minutes.

How much do classes cost?

$295 (as of March 2019). This includes book, 2 classroom sessions, 2 or more pool sessions, and 2 days of check-out dives.

Where can we dive around here, we’re landlocked?

Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, and Stockton Lake. Feeling a little more adventurous, there is Mermet Springs and other quarry’s around plus this makes an excellent opportunity to take a vacation to the ocean and dive with the sharks.

What about diving with sharks?

Sharks are awesome. They only bother you if you bother them. Typically, in the ocean, you only see a nurse shark or reef shark unless you go on specific shark dives.

I keep hearing the story about the VW the size of a Catfish, is that true?

It is a Myth. This story keeps surfacing from time to time, there was even an article about this catfish. The picture with the story is of a tow truck pulling it out of the water. The catfish wasn’t the size of a Volkswagens, but at the same time it was good sized, and a person couldn’t hold it.

Once I’m certified, what’s next?

Keep diving while working on skills. Have fun. And look into the next level of classes.

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