Safari Hunt 2019

The 2019 Safar Hunt is all over but the blog recap post and here it is.

So this year we had 31 participants in the water + Dan and Doug. Grady, Dan, and Doug hid 10 animals including the “cat” (aka white gorilla that didn’t get found) for participants to find. Once animals were hidden, participants gathered in the water. Jared read the rules and then they were off. They had 45 minutes or a tank pressure of 500 psi to find animals. One animal, the white gorilla, wasn’t found during the hunt plus we had one animal get loose on the surface. It was found and claimed on the surface. It counts.

Dan and Doug hung out on the surface to make sure there weren’t any problems by Safari Hunt participants. Dan likes to give people fits about it being called SCUBA Diving not SCUBA standing… but I’d like to point out with the help of a picture that Dan partook in a lot of SCUBA Standing.

Grady was left in charge of making the hot dogs.

If you don’t think we’re family, you haven’t been around us enough. And one of the favorite things to do is if you are a wet diver, go give someone a hug that is dry. See, hang out with us more and you’ll realize we’re all one big happy family.

After the adult hunt was over but before prizes were given out, we held our kiddo hunt. This year we had 12 kiddos participate 9 years of age and younger! Our younger population is coming up fast and they’ll be out diving us before it’s all said and done. And sorry Deb, we lost 4 of your rings. Whoops.

But, one of the biggest reasons for this post, to see who won!!

2019 Safari Hunt Results

Kim Brungard/$100 Gift Certificate

Evan Slaughter/Mask

Amanda Duncan/Fins

Justin Walkinshaw/Tank

Maddie Wilson/Gecko Backpack + Towel + Phone Case

Tim Wilson/Nitrox Class

Nathan Wheeler/MK 11/370 Regulator

Logan Bruce/Advanced Class

Chris Parrish/SCUBAPRO Dry Duffle Bag

So you’ll notice there are 9 pictures above. Well, as I mentioned, the white gorilla wasn’t found… so then we had Evan, one of our new divers and an animal hunt finder draw from the 22 entrants. And our winner was…

Alex Schnele/Save a Dive Kit

Fundraiser Portion of the Safari Hunt

So, as you may or may not know, there was a fundraiser going on as well. The fundraiser was for NCRR. And this year we were able to raise over $1,000 for NCRR (Newton County Rescue & Recovery) and really even closer to $1,100. Guys, pat yourself on the back for that one.

In case you were unsure about how we did this… let me explain, that way you can participate next year!! We had a fishbowl. So you bought tickets. Your tickets were thrown in the fishbowl. Then they drew names to see who won prizes. Simple and easy as that.

And now, with this blog post over, the 2019 Safari Hunt has come to a close. If you didn’t participate this year, we do have an Underwater Pumpkin Carving coming up in October or… you can join in on the Safari Hunt adventures next year! It’s a lot of fun!!

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