Open Water & Night/Limited Visibility Check Out Dives

Safari Hunt weekend was also another big weekend for Extreme Sports Scuba… Why? Well we had a bunch of new certifications come on board to the group! Deb and Grady set it up with the help of Dan La Due, Doug Lord, and Rachele Lord to do open water dives Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for those who wanted to participate in the Safari Hunt Saturday afternoon.

Other open water certification divers came for their open water lake dives Saturday morning and Sunday morning. By the way new divers… Want an interview for the blog????

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the Snickers….

The rains this last week had us nervous about how high the lake water would be up…

A few more of our tables were underwater….

There was also another class of certifications going on… The Night Diving/Limited Visibility classes. In this class there were 15 participants, 10 were able to complete the night dive Friday night. The others will complete their night dive either in Roatan or another night for the night diving check out portion.

It was fun sitting on the shore over by camp and watching the flashlights enter the water.

Congratulations go to Open Water Divers:

  • Garett Paxson
  • Sydney Kannarr
  • Brodey Kannarr
  • Connor Carnes
  • Tyler Cox
  • Gay Currence
  • Jeff Carnes
  • Grace Adkins
  • Karen Adkins
  • Tommy Smith
  • Rachael Crofford

Congratulations Night Diving/Limited Visibility certifications:

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