New Certification Updates to Check Out!

So I hope that you were able to participate in all the fun or at least some of the fun we had at Beaver Lake on Memorial Day weekend. If you weren’t, at least you hopefully enjoyed the posts and will be able to participate next year (hint hint!). If you have missed out on any of the experiences that we had, here is a list of those blog posts to check out:

Whew if that didn’t wear you out, I’m not sure anything will.

Now I have to mention that because of the Memorial Day weekend posts, a couple of certifications haven’t been addressed yet.

  • Doug Lord completed his Assistant Instructor Certification
  • Rachele Lord completed her Dive Master Certification
  • Tori Willoughby completed her Junior Open Water Diver Certification

Now don’t think any of these people are getting away that easy without some kind of an interview or post or something… but these were all needing to be addressed so it was easiest to point those out now and then go back into further detail later. Let’s make sure we congratulate them!!

Also, one last piece of information on this rainy Thursday morning… if you happen to be reading this post during the morning or day, at least before 6:30 pm on Thursday (that’s 18:30 for those of you who like Military time ) there is the June Dive Club meeting today. I noticed on Facebook last night (which I’m sure everyone else probably has too??) that it has been moved to Extreme Sports Scuba due to this lovely rainy weather. (Grady don’t be too mad (Grady didn’t want it to rain until after 1 pm) I’m happy about the rain, we did need it!). See you tonight!!

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