May 2014 Junior Diver Open Water Certification

Saturday morning started off with breakfast. That’s one of the best things about going camping I’ve learned, food! (Remember I’m the pregnant girl who likes to eat) I made a batch of cinnamon rolls to take down plus there were choices of cereal and milk for breakfast. Around 8-8:15 everyone packed up and headed down to the diving site for a fun day of scuba diving.

Every morning starts off with a briefing either from Deb or from Grady on what will be going on with classes that day. Deb did the briefing on Saturday and Grady did the briefing on Sunday.

Multiple classes were working on certifications this weekend. The kids were working on their open water certifications. So once the morning briefing was finished and the kids had their gear put together it was off to the water.

Chris Parrish went out to set the dive flag marker while everyone was getting ready so no one had to wait on that to be done.

Memorial Day Weekend typically is the start of the summer dive season. As you can see, down under the water, the water temperatures weren’t bad but they weren’t the warmest yet. Give it a few more months and the kids might not have gotten so cold at points. But the kids were troopers and pushed through the cold to work on their open water certifications.

And they’re off.

Deb took the junior divers down on their first dive to start going through their basic diving skills.

After working on diving skills, there was a dive to show the kids all the different underwater sights to be seen in the cove.

Once the kids were finished with their morning dives, they tore their equipment apart and took their dive computers over to Dan for assistance on downloading their dives for the logbook.

The kids mainly did their dives in the morning. Once lunchtime hit it was time to come up out of the water and work on warming up. On Sunday Tori thought it would be fun to start a water fight with Deb. After 4 bottles of lake water being dumped on Deb, Tori now has it coming to her. Deb will get revenge.

Sunday afternoon after all the required dives were out of the way, then it was time to take the kids down to feed the fish. Our fish in the cove prefer hot dogs. Later once all the divers had come up Christie Ogle went fishing and we told her if she caught anything, they’d taste like hot dogs.

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