Junior Diver Interviews – Tucker Cupp

You would think getting an interview with my neighbor would be an easy thing… the bad thing is I’m there so much that I kind of forget. It took 3 tries for me to remember to get our next Junior Diver Interviewed… Oh well, the thing about it is it got done! Yey! So Here we go with our next junior diver, Tucker Cupp, son of Pokey and Aerielle Cupp.

Why did you want to become certified?

I don’t know. I don’t like that answer, I want a different one. It’s fun.

What generation diver are you?


What is your favorite diving experience so far?

Carving pumpkins

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Working, riding horses, football, baseball, eating

Where would you most like to try diving?

The Ocean

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