Junior Diver Interviews – Caleb Lewis

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know these junior divers as much as I have. They are the next generation of divers! And it is so great that SDI allows for junior divers starting at the age of 10. While we were at Mermet Springs this year Christy and Rich Cawley had a younger diver with them that I’d never met so I introduced myself and found out that he was a junior diver! Yey! That meant I got another interview with a junior diver!! I then found out he was one of the kids certified this year by Deb so it was perfect timing. That means it is time to meet Caleb Lewis.

Why did you want to become certified?

I thought it would be fun. I just love the water and because of the fish.

What generation diver are you?


What is your favorite diving experience so far?

My first dive at Mermet Springs (should I mention they told me he’s gotten to dive in Florida?!?! I’m jealous!)

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Water Ski, video games, airsoft

Where would you most like to try diving?

Okinawa Japan

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