Junior Diver Interview – Logan Bruce aka Fred Fish

Today is a good day to meet one of our new Junior Divers. Meet Fred Fish… aka O-Ring… aka Logan Bruce. Poor kid may not know his name when he’s around all of us. We all have our nicknames for him. I met Logan earlier this year when the Boy Scouts came to 5Mile for a Try it session. His mom, Sherri said he’s quite the water fish and she couldn’t get him out of the water, now it’s even worse. When he tried SCUBA back in January, he was hooked.

Memorial Day weekend he and his mom finished up their certification. I kept jokingly calling him Fred which soon turned into Fred Fish or Fred the Fish. Take your pick. It was back and forth the whole time. During Safari Hunt Weekend I heard his nickname also became O-Ring. I guess he blew a few so he got that nickname. Like I said, so many nicknames he probably doesn’t know his real name… haha.

But today is the perfect day to introduce to the rest of you Fred Fish… O-Ring… Logan Bruce.

Meet Junior Diver Logan Bruce

When/how long have you been certified?  Since Memorial Day Weekend

What generation of diver are you? 1 or 2… depending

Where is your dream dive? Bahamas

What is your favorite thing about diving?  All of it…

What’s your favorite pre-dive snack? Popsicles… It’s summertime.

What’s your favorite post-dive meal?  Food or popsicles or something that is edible

Who is your favorite dive partner? My mom.

What are your other hobbies besides diving? Boy Scouts, Camping, Fishing, Not school… frowny face from me…. 

And one last question, Any funny diving stories? We went in and I didn’t have my air on… #divebuddyfail


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