Junior Diver Interview – Allison Rickey

Have you looked at the weather forecast for the next few days? Saturday the high… the high mind you is supposed to be in the upper 60’s. We’ve been having that as a low, not a high. I do believe that fall is upon us and seeing as though tomorrow is October the 1st (by the way, Extreme Dive Club Meeting, we’ll be having Spaghetti) I guess we should start looking toward those cooler temperatures. Our diver today better be glad she got her certification done last week because I’m not sure she’d enjoy getting out of the water in the 60 degree temperature…. although I must mention that the Underwater Pumpkin Carving is coming up and if you haven’t ever participated, you should. It’s fun! Okay, I can’t say I’ve ever carved a pumpkin underwater, but I photographed it and it looked like fun! And if you have participated with that before, be sure to come do it again! I need people to photograph . So anyway, enough chit chat, let’s get started with today’s interview which happens to be a Junior Diver. We haven’t gotten to feature a lot of them this year, so it is nice to change things up and meet them too! Meet Allison Rickey.

How did you get started diving?

I got a certificate for a class for a present at Christmas.

When/how long have you been certified?

Since September 27, 2015

How many dives do you make in a year?

Not sure yet, but ready to go diving again.

What other hobbies do you have besides diving?

Judo, Kayaking, jiu jitsu

Where is your dream dive?


Words of wisdom for fellow divers?

Equalize your ears a lot. Don’t hold your breath. Watch what is in front of you.

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