How I Started SCUBA Diving

the beginning

Many people have asked me throughout the years – “how did you get started Scuba Diving and why?”.  Usually, I tell them that I did not want to carry around Grady’s gear. 

Let me start off by telling you this was definitely not something I thought I would ever do and enjoy as much as I do.  How did it all start? – Well… Grady bought Open Water Scuba Classes at a benefit auction in 1989.  He took the class and was certified to dive in July of 1989.  Even then I was still not sold on trying this sport. 

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when i became hooked

In the Spring of 1990, our family planned a trip to Florida and Grady was planning to scuba dive while we were there. Justin, our son, was 13 years old and he decided it was time to get certified for the trip. I decided to go to the pool when Justin was taking classes, but just to watch. I thought to myself, “I can’t do this!”. The instructor was trying very hard to get me in the water to take classes. My immediate thought was “okay, I will show him that I CAN NOT do it”.

Well, the Florida trip was planned with the instructor going along to finish up Justin’s certification dives at Vortex Springs. The instructor asked if I would like to do an intro to scuba in Vortex, and so I did to prove my point. Well, I surprised myself and I did it! I actually really enjoyed it. After that moment, I was in love with scuba diving.

my certification

In May of 1990, I took the Open Water Scuba Diver course and continued to dive that summer. In October of 1990, we decided to go to Nassau, Bahamas and I performed my first ocean dive. I jumped in the water and looked down. I could actually see the bottom! Grady always told everyone my reaction of diving in the ocean for the first time. I first looked down, then I headed to the bottom and just left him there. I guess I was so excited it left an everlasting memory for him.

With every dive, I became more hooked on diving. Diving more places, and traveling to new places, I just became so involved with it and it truly became a passion. Scuba diving is a huge accomplishment for a lot of individuals. I was able to overcome my fears, enjoy myself, and now here I am… an SDI instructor.

So, from someone that was a landlocked country girl and scuba diving not even being on the list of things I wanted to do, I’m glad I decided to do it, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

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