Get the Look – Doug Lord

Guys, I could be a bit on the biased side, but I’m telling you, we have the best divers! While yes, they are good divers too, I’m talking about their character. Our people rock.

Okay, I’ll get off of that and explain a little bit. Originally I had Doug scheduled for this post in December, but because of some things that came up, I needed someone for September… I was quickly scrambling trying to figure out who to put here when it came to me… I’ll move Doug up if he’s willing. Guys, I asked him Wednesday afternoon and by Wednesday evening, I had his post. Not just anyone would do that. I’m telling you, we’re awesome and Doug, Thank you so much!!

Now take it away Doug

Get the Look – Doug Lord

Dive Doug Lord in Cozumel, Mexico

My choice of regulators is a SCUBAPro MK25/A700 Evo.  For my pony bottle, I use a SCUBAPro  MK11/R195.

For exposure protection, I have a large selection of gear to choose from, as I am a cold water wuss.  I have a SCUBAPRO EverTec LT drysuit, a 5mm wetsuit, 3mm wetsuit, SCUBAPro 1mm Tropical wetsuit, and a SCUBAPRO 1.5mm Pyroflex Steamer.

For when I need a to cover my head I go with a SCUBAPRO Hooded vest when diving with a wetsuit and a SCUBAPro drysuit hood with the drysuit.

To keep my hands warm and protected I have a pair of 3mm gloves and a pair of SCUBAPRO Seamless 1.5mm gloves.

For my boots, I wear the SCUBAPRO Heavy Duty 6.5mm tall boots when diving wet, and the SCUBAPRO Heavy Duty drysuit boots when diving dry.

I’ve also had several of the long and short sleeve SCUBA rash guards I wear under my wetsuit or just by itself for warm water or for the pool.  I also wear my ScubaDoRag and Scuba Tube Socks on almost every dive.

For my mask, I choose the SCUBAPRO Frameless Mask.

I have two sets of fins. I use both the SCUBAPRO Twin Jet and SeaWing Nova Gorilla fins.

For my computer(s) I use the new SCUBAPRO G2, the Galileo Luna, and a Chromis.

My BCD is a SCUBAPRO X-TEK with an aluminum backplate and a 40lb. lift doughnut.


A Storm (mini) whistle

An underwater “quaker”

An SMB, (surface marker buoy) with finger reel

Sea Snips

Dive Doug Lord in Cozumel, Mexico

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