Flashing Lights Aren’t so Scary Anymore

Picture this, you’re driving down the road. Minding your own business. Then… Red lights in your mirror. Oh-oh, what did I do wrong? Let’s face it, that’s the thought most of us have. After this past winter and spring though, I’m developing a new appreciation for the Firemen, Police, and Sheriff’s of Benton County Arkansas the more I work with them.

Benton County Dive Team

Late last year the Benton County departments signed up 40 students for open-water classes. Classes began as early as January of this year. Justin, Grady, Dan, Doug, and I have been working with 40 of these friends since then. We had to start with open-water classes – which are still going on.

As you know with open water classes, you have the classroom portion, pool classes, and then days at the lake. Our lake classes started in March. Let’s just say, that water isn’t for the faint of heart. After that, we will be working on rescue and recovery with them.

The good thing is they sure want to learn and do it right. They come on their own time as well as work time. They listen and try hard. They work together well and help each other out. They want to do what is best to make a good dive team for the Benton County area.

The greatest thing of all of it is the satisfaction of what we are able to do with them and the friendships we are developing in all of this. But even more so is the satisfaction you see on their face as they are completing all of the requirements we throw at them.

Our classes are far from over with these guys. The thing is, they are doing a great job in all of the conditions we throw at them, aka Beaver Lake in March. Well done guys. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you.

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