Extreme 366 – Week 35

Here we are, back at it, another week in the history book. Sometimes that is a scary thought that we can never redo the past. So I guess let’s not dwell on that. My morning was messed up a bit. Usually I have a sweet tea, that’s my coffee of choice most days, and it tasted like Strawberry Lemonade and Sweet Tea mixed. Yuck! So that messed up my morning. haha. If that’s the worst that’s happened, I guess I’m doing pretty good, don’t you? Oh… and my rain jacket leaked. Did you know it rained today. If you didn’t know that.. congratulations, that means you slept in. I have been a blog post writing fool this week. ha! I write this one, then I wrote guest blog posts for the Missouri Women Bloggers, then I’ve written posts for my personal blog as well as the new blog I’ve started up. Whew, how do I even have any words left, seriously? Luckily all topics have been different so that helps. One was a restaurant review, one was a biscuit recipe that I just love, one was about the Lamar Fair, one was about my favorite room in my house (which is the kitchen), one has been pictures (this one), one was about decorating cakes, one was about tips for making really good sugar cookies. Whew. I’ve also been packing up my house and chasing after a toddler. I think I’m worn out and it’s only Wednesday. And then my tea was weird, it was all my cups fault, so now here we are. We’ve come full circle so I guess it’s time to figure out what the scratching against the wall behind me is and present you with the pictures for this week. And be sure Friday’s this month if you want tips on decorating cookies/cakes to check out my guest posts on the Missouri Women Bloggers website because, why not…. That scratching is freaking me out so I’m outta here!

237 – 8.24.2016 – Isn’t this how you wear a headband to dive? Okay, the story behind it… I kept asking Mark if he was sure how you’re really supposed to wear it. He told me to try it on the other way and see what happened.

238 – 8.25.2016 – Last week was the Lamar Fair. We went up and happened to find the Barton County Rescue and Recovery Team. These two here… if one was looking, the other one wasn’t. Makes it difficult to get pictures of them… (The Blogger in Training and Kim Brungard)

239 – 8.26.2016 – Out spreading the word of SCUBA diving to the people of Barton County and surrounding areas through the Lamar Fair.

240 – 8.27.2016 – Barton County Rescue & Recovery going through the parade at the Lamar Fair.

241 – 8.28.2016 – Time for pool classes. Deb had a great class this weekend.

242 – 8.29.2016 – It’s Monday… Do you feel like Pete about that revelation?

243 – 8.30.2016 – After this week, you might be glad you have one of these, or sorry you don’t!! Rain does good though so don’t scare it off!!

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