Extreme 366 – Week 32

Wow, I started working on this post and then I got side tracked. Every once in a while I have an “oooo Ball” moment. I was actually downloading fonts to add to my computer… because I can. I’m going to blame all of this on Doug and Rachele though. They’re off on a trek halfway around the world to go SCUBA diving. They’re not here to defend themselves, so we’ll just blame it all on them… who’s with me? Love you guys. Bring back lots of pictures to make us all jealous!! So this has been the week for posts. Monday there was a post from Thursday’s Dive Club Meeting, Tuesday was how to set up an Instagram account in case you didn’t know (btw follow us!!), Today is the normal Wednesday post, and either Thursday (tomorrow) or Friday (day after tomorrow ) I have another really cool post lined up… Are you excited? I am! Okay, now we’ll get on to the pictures and I’ll go back to downloading fonts because, well, I can.  Happy Wednesday!

216 – 8.3.2016 – Last night of 5Mile camp for the summer. It’s real and it’s been fun and it’s even been real fun! I’ve been involved the last few years and I can say I think this was the best group as a whole of students we’ve had. They just keep getting better and better!

217 – 8.4.2016 – Some days you just have to get your fingers dirty to get that piece of pie. And then when you’re the blogger, other people take your picture to make sure it’s documented and makes the blog.

218 – 8.5.2016 – Look at these pretty new Kayak paddle colors!!

219 – 8.6.2016 – Working on certifying the next round of students. Open lake water day 1.

220 – 8.7.2016 – Congrats to our new Open Water Divers, Lindsey Bowers, Kohl Slaughter, Alex Boswell, Breanna Ezell, and Natalie Ezell. Solo divers Jeff Frampton and Christina Frampton and Rescue & Master Diver Jeff Frampton. I over heard Grady say that through both days, there wasn’t a drop of water that fell out of the sky while they were diving. On Sunday they got away from the dive site a mile and it opened up and poured.

221 – 8.8.2016 – CPROX Class night. We had a pretty full class with 11 students in participation.

222 – 8.9.2016 – Drake and Grady manned the booth at the Joplin High School Teachers Day.

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