Extreme 366 – Week 24

Father’s Day is Sunday. As in this Sunday. Like, don’t forget! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, check out the guide to the 10 items your SCUBA father might like for Father’s Day!! Then the next weekend is the Safari Hunt at Beaver Lake. That means to get your gear and your partner ready to go hunting for an animal. Then the next day the Blogger in Training turns 2. Not that that really effects many of you as it does me, but I just had to throw that out there as a reminder if nothing else. June is the month of Birthdays, I swear. First was Kaitlyn Stacy, then Shaye Weston, then Carlene La Due, and finally Addison Willoughby. Did I miss some? I’m sure I did! whew! Throw in Father’s Day and all the other activities and then the month of June is G-O-N Gone. Yes, I intentionally left off the E… because gone is so gone there was no time to add the E. So now that we’ve covered the month of June in one fell swoop and we’re ready for July… I guess let’s look at Week 24 of the year 2016’s photos. Holy cow! Next week will be half way. Does that freak anyone out, just a little bit anyway? Anyway before I go curl up in the fetal position and have to be locked in a straight jacket, let’s just look at week 24’s photos .

160 – 6.8.2016 – This is the first week of Summer Camp at 5 Mile.

161 – 6.9.2016 – You just never know what you’ll find walking around the shop….

162 – 6.10.2016 – Do you have Instagram? What are you waiting for? Please follow us @extremesportsscubaofficial! We’d also like to see your SCUBA photos so #extremesportsscuba!!

163 – 6.11.2016 – Did you check out the new masks? It’s gorgeous! . Such a fun color!

164 – 6.12.2016 – So some friends of ours, not mentioning any names (Chris, Anissa, & Cam Parrish, Dan & Tiffany Hayworth, Steve & Priscilla Sweet, Cody Hayworth, and Darian Sparkman) are off having fun on vacation, enticing us with all their pictures from Cozumel… or trying to make us all jealous!

165 – 6.13.2016 – Dan Hayworth goofing around in Cozumel while the rest of us are slaving away at home.

166 – 6.14.2016 – Open Water classes are well under way… Have you signed up yet?

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