Extreme 366 – Week 22

Hello June! Yes, you read that correctly, today is the 1st day of June 2016. How in the world? While I was compiling photos for today’s post I noticed that we had a post on June 1st, 2014 and June 1st 2015. Both posts were reviewing Memorial Weekend dives. So that means that I need to do a recap of our wonderful weekend this Memorial Weekend. We thought it was going to be pouring rain this year like last year, but it was really nice. The weekend didn’t go off without some weirdness, but we’ll leave it as what happens at the lake, stays at the lake and I’m not talking about Lee Lake. hahaha. Please tell me I’m not the only one who laughed…. <crickets>. Today’s post though isn’t a recap of Memorial weekend, well it might be in pictures, but this is our weekly picture review. How in the world are we already on Week 22 out of 52? Whew…. that is making me want to curl up in a hole and not come out until time slows down, but sadly it’d just make me miss out on a lot of really neat things so I guess I won’t. So without further ado, Week 22 photos on the blog.

146 – 5.25.2016 – Coffee…. When your brain needs a hug.

147 – 5.26.2016 – Camping at its finest with a great group of friends. Bring on Memorial Weekend!

148 – 5.27.2016 – A flag representing our country and the brave men and women who have fought for our right for freedom. Some pay the ultimate cost for our freedom and for that, We thank you!

149 – 5.28.2016 – #bloggerfail. Being the blogger I am, I went around taking pictures. My camera was being handed back off to me and instead it got dropped between 2 kayaks and went to live at the bottom of the cove for a couple hours. Not to worry, it is an underwater camera. With the help of Dan La Due and Deb Weston, I went on a recovery dive and we found it. I want to say a special thank you to Kim Brungard, Doug Lord, Mark Willoughby, and anyone else who took off to help find my camera. I appreciate the help!! Dan, Deb, and I found it in 6 minutes. We found it at 54 feet, water temperature was 57˚F. Then on our safety stop back up to shore we built fish houses.

150 – 5.29.2016 – Grady giving the morning debriefing to the second day diving at the lake students.

151 – 5.30.2016 – In 2014 we attended the NEBCO fundraiser breakfast and brought 24 people. This year we blew that number out of the water with 32.

152 – 5.31.2016 – After the rain we’ve had the last couple days… we might all need a Kayak…..!!!!!

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