Extreme 366 – Week 15

Last night was a Try it Tuesday. I overheard Rachele tell Doug that they needed to get more frog spit. If you are not a diver, you might be wondering what that is, well, it is mask defogger. And that reminded me that I have a post written about mask defogger. I really need to post that… someone remind me . So what date is coming up I need to remind you of? Oh, a big one… Tax Day, April 15. Don’t forget! Other than that I don’t really have much. I think I’m all out of words… So I’ll leave you with pictures for this past week.

97 – 4.6.2016 – Open Water SCUBA pool classes!! Open water lessons are in full swing! As are other lessons . Make sure to check out the schedule for the upcoming class of your choice!

98 – 4.7.2016 – April Extreme Dive Club Meeting. This week’s cuisine = Shish Kebobs. I decided we needed something easier to spell. haha. Next month is Mexican (Cinco de Mayo)

99 – 4.8.2016 – The motto around here… coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee .

100 – 4.9.2016 – We hit the 100th day of the year. Holy cow!! Open Water classes!!

101 – 4.10.2016 – Open Water classes, Pool sessions.

102 – 4.11.2016 – Out with the old and in with the new. It was time for a new stove and now we know what temperature we’re baking at, instead of guessing…..

103 – 4.12.2016 – {photo courtesy of Dan La Due…… and he just may be on my list now…..) Getting ready for Try it Tuesday. Scuba diving time. Nicole Willoughby is rocking this year’s cowgirl swim suit with the proper dive cowgirl boots…. 

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