Extreme 366 – Week 13

Wisdom. I like to impart wisdom. That way at least you walk away with something, but after 2 sets of comps tests in 4 days I’m kind of wisdomed out. One set of comps was based off American and British literature and the other was on Technical editing of documents. So what would you like to know . Looks like it is going to potentially rain today and they are calling for sever weather later this evening. There my wisdom has been imparted. I did my due diligence for Wednesday March 30, 2016. Oh and by the way, Friday is April Fool’s Day and I’m not joking… If you ask me then though, I might joke. Actually I hate April Fool’s Day. But that’s beside the point. Just know you’ve been warned that it is coming! Happy Wednesday! By the way, the SCUBA trailer turned 12 years old today. Happy Birthday SCUBA trailer!

83 – 3.23.2016 – Great day to kick off the Kayaking season!

84 – 3.24.2016 – Are your tanks filled? If not, dive season is just around the corner!

85 – 3.25.2016 – And if you’re going to dive, check that vis and hydro inspection date! Don’t be caught wanting to dive without the proper equipment!!

86 – 3.26.2016 – The dive trailer is getting a makeover. did you know that?

87 – 3.27.2016 – Happy Easter! Dive Crews who Easter together, stay together, or something like that .

88 – 3.28.2016 – Does she look different? I told you, total makeover! And we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for more.

89 – 3.29.2016 – Whew, with the sun today, did you have your sunnies (sunglasses)?

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