Day in the Life of Scuby – DEMA Edition

Deb and Grady have made the trip to DEMA many years. At dive club meetings we hear around November they tend to miss because that’s where they’re at. Well… this year, Scuby decided he wanted to make the trip to DEMA with them and check it out. So Scuby got an extension from Santa to leave the workshop at the beginning of November for a week and fly to Orlando to check out this DEMA show and report back to us.

The first night he was there, he got to experience a Chiefs game. It was a big home game against the Denver Broncos where the Chiefs beat the Broncos 29-19.

Scuby flew in a day before DEMA started because he wanted to accompany Deb and Grady to the SCUBAPRO Platinum Dealership Meeting. He wanted to be in the know on all the trade secrets that the rest of us will learn. He knows that he was there to report to us but was sworn to secrecy.

DEMA Show 2017

The show didn’t start until 10 am. Deb and Grady had to go get their badges so after they were picked up, it was time to sit around and wait.

Finally, the doors opened and he was off.

There was a table toward the back of the exhibit hall where you could get a lot of badges. Scuby made sure to partake. He got the royal treatment since he was a first-time attendee.

From there it was off to go “pester” the SDI/TDI/ERDI group. That is our certification agency.

From there we spoke with Scott and found out all the new SCUBAPRO products coming out for 2018.

After his trip around the exhibit hall floor where he saw lots of different dive gear and diving camera gear, Deb, Nicole, and Scuby were off to attend workshop classes.

Before he left the hall the first day, he had to stop by and see our friends from Cozumel Marine World!

Scuby even had a delicious dinner at Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse. Here’s a tip on Elves… they love their sweets. Probably why he had to check out the dessert menu first….

Day Two

His second day there, he proceeded to get his picture with the Mission Tech group for SDI/TDI/ERDI.

On Day Two, he also made a stop in on the Tech Regulator Training class and made sure to get his picture with Rene Dupre.

Day Three

On day three, his first stop was at the SDI/TDI/ERDI breakfast.

The day ended with lots of classes.

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