Cozumel Dive Master – Javier Lunar

A couple weeks before Extreme Sports Scuba went to Cozumel, Shirley Mann was in the shop and she, Deb and I were discussing the upcoming trip. We were also discussing possible blog posts for the blog when the idea was thrown out, why not come up with some questions to ask the Dive Master’s in Cozumel. Now there’s an idea, for anyone who has been on the trip or thinking about going, you put a lot of faith in all of your fellow divers, they have your back. So it sounded like a great idea to introduce one of the great Dive Master’s who watches out for everyone’s safety while diving in Cozumel. I quickly came up with some questions for Deb and Shirley to take down there for me, to be my eyes/ears/voice with the Dive Master. So now let me introduce to you Javier Lunar.

How did you get started diving?

Well it’s a long story but basically I tried it on vacation here in Cozumel. I loved it so much that I came back.

How long have you been a Dive Master?

I’ve been a Dive Master for 18 years. I’ve been an instructor for 10 years.

How many dives do you make in a typical year?

400 dives per year (I would say most of our group would be jealous about this!)

What is your favorite dive site in Cozumel?

Columbia Deep

What other hobbies do you have?


What is the most comical dive experience that you have?

Underwater: Seeing Alex underwater ALL in PINK!

What is the most spectacular thing you have seen underwater?

Hammer Heads at Palancar Horseshoe and Dolphins underwater at a dive sight. 

What occupation did you have before becoming a Dive Master?

Government Employee Office Job in Mexico City where I had to wear a tie to work.

Words of wisdom/tips or tricks for fellow divers?

It is important for new divers to practice Buoyancy control.

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