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So we’ve covered a bunch of topics that happened during Memorial Day Weekend at the lake, but we’re not finished yet! Not only did the kids work on their certifications but a lot of other students worked on different certifications as well. There were 4 adult students completing their Open Water Certifications, 5 students completing their ERDI Certification, 3 students completing their Rescue Diver Certifications, and 2 students completed their Solo Diver Certification.

Wow, what a great weekend right? Not to mention the fact that we had people who came to help kick off the Dive season. And there were more flowers added to the flower garden! It was an all-around GREAT weekend! Also a special thank you to Mark Willoughby and Lee Lake for being “victim” divers to help out the ERDI and Rescue certifications.

Check out more pictures from Memorial Day Weekend

Pokey Cupp sporting his new dive equipment complete with pink bows courtesy of Deb Weston

One of the many Crawdads (Crayfish, Crawfish) seen.

Kim Brungard surface swim for ERDI Certification

Sending the Dive Sausage to the surface.

Kim Brungard saving the “victim” Mark Willoughby for ERDI Certification.

Ava Fitzcharles saving the “victim” Lee Lake for Rescue Certification

Diver Dog Pete Scratching his back down the Hill.

Doug Lord snoozing

Massive hot dogs for dinner

Isn’t Lee Lake purdy sporting his flower??

Congratulations to all new Certification Holders!

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