22nd Underwater Pumpkin Carving

I alternately wanted to title this blog post… “Daddy, are you done yet? Daddy, are you done diving yet?”

If you weren’t with us on Sunday down at Beaver Lake, I have one question for you… Why not? We had a load of fun as you might be able to tell from the alternate blog post title. I so wish this blog editor allowed for emoji’s because I want to ask this question… who wants to know what’s up the alternate title. Then I want to add the raised hand emoji. But alas, that’s not an option. Oh well.

I think you can safely say we have WAY toooooooo much fun when we’re all together. Someone may slip and fall, someone may get their camera commandeered, and better yet, someone might be yelled at by their son. You just never know what to expect around this bunch.

So alternate title story… Shawn Doty participated in the underwater pumpkin carving portion of the day. Then he and another diver were going back out to get the dive flags. His little boy kept asking, “Daddy, are you done yet?” “Daddy, are you done diving yet?” Over and over between those 2 dives. It was hilarious! See, this is why I ask why you weren’t down there with us for this fun event!

Open Water Certifications

First thing in the morning, before the Underwater Pumpkin Carving, it was time to certify a few new divers.

Doug was the lucky, brave soul to lead the class to certification.

And Then…

Then it was time for the shenanigans to ensue, before the pumpkin carving, that is. Sometimes pictures are worth more than words… and sometimes pictures make you scratch your head wondering what on earth is happening…

We had camera lessons. We had whatever is going on in the picture above. And of course, there was food. The food of the day was hot dogs and Chili. It’s perfect chili weather after all.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving

But the real reason we were all gathered… Of course, the Underwater Pumpkin Carving. Or the food, whichever. I’ll let you be the judge.

And anyone who knows anything knows Justin Walkinshaw means business. Look at his rig there for carving his pumpkin.

The rules state you can poke a hole in your pumpkin. No drawing on it and no carving on land, just poke a hole. It makes it easier and safer to get the pumpkin down underwater to your carving depth.

We got started a little later than planned. One of our divers was quickly trying to get to the lake and got caught up in traffic due to an accident. When he got there he was pounced on by multiple people to help him, get his gear, and get him in the water. That’s the way we roll. We all have each other’s back.

Participants are the ones who vote.

As they come up out of the water, they submit their pumpkin for a number. Then we got the brilliant idea to give paper to people who are wet to vote with. It’s just how we roll around these parts. They vote for “Best Effort,” “Ugliest,” and 1st Place. 2nd and 3rd place are based on votes. This year it was a toss-up between our 1st and 2nd Place. Maybe we should have bystanders vote too to help judge this… because doesn’t everyone vote theirs the best? Just asking for a friend.

Then this happened. I have no clue. I won’t even pretend to. Hi Jesse. Yes, he’s okay. We all made sure.

And of course, there are photobombers. They are the best! Hi Logan!

Or then this happens. The tag on Facebook reads: When Nicole Willoughby takes Doug Lord’s camera, momma Deb Weston has to step in. I’ll let you be the judge on if that is the story or not. I plead the 5th!

The Pumpkin Results

An up-close and albeit small picture of each individual pumpkin. Hey, they all deserve their day to shine! I wish that we could have done a spinning video because a few of the pumpkins were carved all the way around. Great job to all the contestants!

Ugliest Pumpkin – Shawn Doty. In other news, he won this award last year also. Are you going to take on this challenge for next year? That is defending your title…?

Best Effort – Jeremy Rogers

3rd Place goes to Michael Hanes

2nd Place – Lee Lake

1st Place – Justin Walkinshaw

Food for thought… Have you ever tried to get 13 contestants in a group photo? It might be kind of like herding cats… or kindergarteners. Although that might be the same thing… just kidding… I think.

And if you look at the photo above, we’re missing someone. There are only 12 people with 13 pumpkins…

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