New Year’s Day Recap

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and WARM New Year! That seemed to be the theme around New Year’s this year… Stay Warm! You may have seen on Facebook, the blog, and potentially even heard through word of mouth that late last year (haha), in fact like the 28th or 29th we decided to cancel the annual New Year’s Day Dive. In a post earlier this week, Dan explained reasons why we should abort a dive.

The reason this year was due to the frigid arctic weather that hit us. I couldn’t imagine getting out of that water into weather that was 14˚F with a windchill sitting around 0. Now truthfully I’ve never done the New Year’s Day dive, I’m more of a fair weather diver, but that was even too cold for a lot of diver’s blood! It’s all about safety and being able to go home to your loved ones that night and doing the next dive you have scheduled.

Don’t be fooled though… just because we didn’t do the New Year’s Day Dive doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun. We jokingly named our Memory/Recipe Book (which if you don’t have yours, come get it NOW), If There’s Food They Will Come, but that seems to be our motto most days. This year we had a great blowout, shebang party at Extreme Sports Scuba. It was a lot of fun with, you know it, Great Food!

Even though we were dry for the entire day, here’s a recap of the fun had to ring in the New Year! Welcome to 2018!

New Year’s Day Event Recap

Instead of going to the lake, we opened the shop doors. It was warm. It was dry. And there was a lot of good food. The food, obviously we need to address that early on!, was Deb’s Taco Soup (page 49), Mark’s Chili, and Nicole’s Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Soup (page 51).

Now if you were there while we were finishing off the soups… you may have seen the “juggling” act going on with Nicole’s soup. I say juggling because there really isn’t any other word… Let’s explain. This is a 7qt crockpot. I made a little extra. Therefore the crockpot was maybe 1/2″ from being to the top…. before the cream cheese, corn, and rice had been added. Then it was entertainment just to see if all that could be added. By the way, it all went in there and none was spilled.

Although to break up the cream cheese, we had to pull it out into a separate bowl, mash it up and dump it back in to stir it in. Minor details.

Shirley brought Cheese dip. Carlene brought some handheld pie/cookie things. There were also peanut clusters (who brought them??). Kim brought No Bake Cheesecakes along with cherry topping. Doug brought a dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. And there was a cake to celebrate Doug’s birthday (12/31) and Tori’s Birthday (1/2). Like we always say, if you walked away hungry, it was your own fault.

The food was warm, the company was Great, and we had a lot of fun, even if we couldn’t hold the tradition of diving on New Year’s Day. Temperatures never got us down. haha. Thank you to everyone who came out. We hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful New Year’s and here’s to 2018. Bring it on!

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