Junior Diver Interviews – Chloe Lake

So normally I like to put these interview posts up on birthday’s, especially for the kids but I didn’t get that chance with Chloe Lake. See her birthday is March 30, which would make us have to wait until 2015, but she got certified this summer (technically it would have been this spring since she got certified in May and summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st) so I only thought it perfect to introduce her to everyone here on the Extreme Sports Scuba blog this summer. I mean it is pretty perfect when you get certified, especially as a 10-year-old! So mark it down on your calendar to send her birthday wishes next March, okay?… deal?

Why did you want to become certified?

Because my dad [Lee Lake] did it and he was telling me how cool it was. I thought I was going to try it and I did.

What generation diver are you?

I am a third.

What is your favorite diving experience so far?

Seeing all the cool things at Beaver Lake like the boats and all the fish, the bass, and the catfish.

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Play sports: Softball, Volleyball and I started tumbling, basketball

Where would you most like to try diving?

I do not know… Really why not? I don’t know all the lakes and places and everything.

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