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Happy Belated birthday to our Get the Look feature today, Rachele Lord. When was her birthday you ask? Well, it was Saturday. Do you see a pattern here? A lot of the months featured people have birthday’s that month, but not all… we have 3 January birthdays, 3 February birthdays, 2 May birthdays, and that may be all the duplicates. That’s all I can remember off the top of my head anyway… I used birthday month as a way to decide who to feature what month… and the people who didn’t get their birthday month… I used other methods to choose how they were placed. eenie meenie miinie moe… or something like that. So, without further ado, Rachele Lord explains to us about her dive gear. Take it away Rachele!

Rachele Lord

The Scuba Pro gear that I have is as follows:

Galileo Luna computer with wireless transmitter

MK 25 Evo/A700 with DIN setup

X-Tek BCD w/Air 2 and aluminum back plate

Nova 220 light for BCD carried every dive

Mako Titanium Knife attached to BCD

Pair of shears for cutting fishing line

Nova Gorilla Fins – I like a good stiff fin

Solara mask w/reader lens inserts – because of the ability to change out the lenses

Everflex 3/2, Pyroflex Steamer, and a Scuba Pro Drysuit w/heavy duty drysuit boots

Heavy Duty 6.5 tall boots – for when water temps get colder

HD Sport 3 short boots – one’s I wear most the time

Nova 700 light

Long sleeve rash guard – for wearing under BCD when in pool

Phoenix snorkel – because I had to have one

Faber 120 Ft cubed steel tank


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