new years day diving



  • Date: Jan 1st, 2023 (a Sunday)
  • Starting time: 1:00 pm (We will be there about an hour 1/2 before to set up and gear up!)
  • Location: Indian Creek Campground on Beaver Lake in Arkansas.
  • Other details: Please bring proof of SCUBA certification + you’ll sign a waiver.

So… what exactly is the water like?

Well it’s not warm! The water temperature this time of year is anywhere from 45-56 degrees. Yes, that means dry suit or AT LEAST a 5mm wetsuit, thick hood, thick gloves, and thick boots. However, the visibility should be great!

Please bring some warm clothes and bring some towels to dry off after.

Not a diver? Come along to watch us freeze! WE WILL HAVE HOT CHOCOLATE.

Cost: FREE!


1. All divers must show proof of SCUBA certification and sign a waiver before participating.

2. All Divers must have a dive buddy and stay with the dive buddy during their dive. (Unless SOLO certified w/ redundancy)

3. If you’re attending our group, please stay in the general area of our dive flag. Boats will be on the water in January.

4. Absolutely NO alcohol is allowed. If suspected consumption of alcohol, a diver will be asked to leave.

5. Participants will receive a certificate for diving in the coldest month of the year!

6. Participants are required to pose for a group photo for social media use.

7. Practice safe and courteous diving.

8. Have a great time!