This information is available in-store and online at extremesportsscuba.com/policies 

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Sale order / return terms & conditions

Items bought in-store or online hold the same return policy and shipping policies. Any item can be returned in 30 days if it is sealed and un-opened for a 100% refund. Any item opened can be returned in 30 days but requires a 20% restocking fee to recover our costs. All used gear sales are FINAL. No returns will be accepted on soft goods (neoprene items, clothing, masks, fins, snorkels, etc.) All classes or ANY sales with labor are FINAL(classes, air fills, hydros, service work, etc.). A 4% processing fee will be added to all trip payments made with a credit/debit card. If you have any questions, email us ->   store@extremesportsscuba.com

By purchasing product(s) from Extreme Sports, you the customer, understand our “Return Policies” on this page and posted IN-STORE.

Training sales terms & conditions
All classes or ANY sales are FINAL. If a class is purchased through Extreme Sports Inc., that class is ONLY valid at Extreme Sports Inc. and not at any other dive store, resort, or training agency. Classes MUST be used within 12 months of purchase. Courses can NOT be transferred between individuals.

Our trip policies

All traveling trips have deposits that are in place to reserve a spot for the upcoming trip. These deposits vary in price but are NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be used on another trip or in-store purchase. These deposits will not be returned to us, nor the customer, if the trip is cancelled, changed, delayed, or removed. All in-house scheduled local trips (within the United States), are non-refundable if a diver cancels or decides they want to remove person(s) from their pre-paid trip. Extreme Sports, nor the customer will receive these funds back to recover costs lost for reserving spots. All customers that sign up for a trip must fill out our Release of Liability / Waiver Claims Form, our Travel Booking Form – Terms and Conditions, and our Covid-19 Liability Waiver / Terms and Conditions. To access these documents, call 417-659-9009 and we will email them to your inbox. For all of our travel trips, we HIGHLY recommend DAN Diver Accident Insurance and DAN Diver Travel Insurance. By reserving or signing up for a trip with Extreme Sports, you the customer, understand our “Trip Policies” on this page and posted IN-STORE.

Our equipment and service policy

Extreme Sports Inc. specializes in servicing SCUBA, SCBA, Paintball, Kayak, Paddleboard, and Rescue gear. This gear may be serviced in house, or be shipped off to be serviced. All equipment left over 120 DAYS after the completion of the service WILL BE SOLD to recover our cost. These costs include: compressor maintenance, SCUBA maintenance service kits, servicing tools, proper equipment, storage fees, labor, and cleaning. Once the 120 DAYS is up, Extreme Sports has every right to recover our costs lost by the abandoned property. By servicing gear with Extreme Sports, you the customer, understand our “Equipment and Service Policy” on this page and posted IN-STORE.

rental policy

Extreme Sports Inc. specializes in the rental of SCUBA equipment, Kayaks, Paddleboards, and more. All rental equipment must be rented out by an Extreme Sports employee and all customers must provide a driver's license, a credit card for damages, and fill out of rental agreement upon pickup. Any reservations hold the same value as labor. Reservations may be called in ahead of time to make sure you, the renter, receive your rented equipment on a specific date. Reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE, and any gear rented is to be picked up the day specified. Extreme Sports cannot MOVE, REPLACE, OR SCHEDULE new dates if your reservation changes. Extreme Sports Inc holds this policy for the sanitation, preparation, and labor it costs to reserve and rent equipment.  By renting any equipment with Extreme Sports, you the customer, understand our "Rental Policy" on this page and posted IN-STORE.


Extreme Sports Inc. offers a "100% Price Match Guarantee" for ALL of the products we carry in-store. This price match does not include anything we have to special order in. Items such as Kayaks and inflatable kayaks do NOT fall into this category. For an item to be price matched, we must see an item on a known-website with a product added to cart and shipping/taxes calculated. We will NOT price match sales tax. Our current sales tax is 6.85%. Extreme Sports hold the right to refuse the "100% Price Match Guarantee" for any reasons. By purchasing any item through the "100% Price Match Guarantee" with Extreme Sports, you the customer, understand our "Price Match Guarantee" on this page and posted IN-STORE.

quote policy

All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date printed. To order a quote, please copy the quote number and return back in writing to confirm (preferably email). We require payment upfront to place all orders. For all orders over $250, cash/check is preferred. For orders over $5000, a 4% credit/debit card processing fee will be added.

If you have any questions, email us ->   store@extremesportsscuba.com